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Programming Tutorials

The following tutorials provide a comprehensive source of ebm programming information. Most tutorials include source code and a working .SEB file, so you can see the finished results. If provided, links to download both are found on the first page of each tutorial.

Tutorials Listing

Tools Assembly
Under The Hood - The ebm Form Editor
Part One: Setting up and using the ebm Form Editor
Part Two: Working with the ebm Form Editor
A Trio of Tools
Assembly on the ebm - Part 1
Assembly on the ebm - Part 2
Assembly on the ebm - Part 3
GUI Graphics/Text
Adding Menus to Your Programs
Programming and Using Dialogs
The Virtual Listbox
Taxonomy of Buttons
Programming with Images
Exploring Graphics
A Font Overview
Working With Text
Hardware General
Piezo Audio
File Access and the Multimedia Card
Key Control on the ebm
Getting Productive: Working in the ebm Environment
Writing Sellable Software - Part 1
Writing Sellable Software - Part 2
Programming Multi-Lingual Software
Operating System
Database Programming
File I/O on the eBookMan
Migrating to the ebm's OS2

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