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All website data, source and presentation Copyright 2001-2006 by ActiveBits Technology - All Rights Reserved. Any copying, transmission, forward storage, or mirroring prohibited without written approval.

As a development site, special provisions exist for content usable in programming projects (source code). Specifically, source code on this web site can be incorporated freely in software projects, for personal or commercial use, provided the following is understood and accepted:
  • Source code on this site that is NOT for general use will be identified as such - that source code cannot be used in programming projects without obtaining appropriate permission
  • Copyright is not given up (ie the code is not to be considered public domain); as such, copyright notices must be maintained in each source code file used, to the effect of 'Copyright 2001-2002 Pankhurst Algorithmics - All Rights Reserved'.
  • There need be no mention in the software, help file, about box, etc about where the source code came from, aside from the above source code acknowledgement; however, any acknowledgment is welcome, with the condition that the acknowledgment does not imply a connection or approval of the project from Pankhurst Algorithmics.
  • Only source code can be used in this way. From time to time, software programs may be made available on this site. Unless the accompanying documentation or web page states otherwise, the conditions of use are:
    1. The program can be freely used by individuals and companies without warranty of any kind.
    2. No one is allowed to mirror or otherwise provide for download any programs from their website, ftp site, or other storage medium without obtaining permission.
    3. Commercial products may not make use of the software by including it, and are limited to indicating that it can be downloaded from this site.
  • The code can can only be used embedded in programs, and cannot be distributed as source form, used as examples, samples, tutorials, components, or made available as modules or toolkits, such as for compilers, interpreters, component collections, or libraries.

Copyright © 2001-2006 ebmDevMag.com - Legal Notice